Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki II Practitioner

Helping people heal sore tired muscles and bringing peace of mind, body, spirit are my passion. Helping my clients to feel better when they leave than they did when they arrived, is at the heart of what I do.

I am truly blessed and I look forward to working with each and every one of you.

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What We Do

Here at Angel Lights Healing, I focus on what your massage needs are.  Massage is not one size fits all, I work with you to figure out what works best for you.  Do you need to relax and let go of the stress you've been carrying, then Reiki would be a great choice.  The healing energy that you receive will help you to relax and feel peaceful.  Call today and schedule your appointment and receive 10% off your 1st visit!

Our Services


Massage that is tailored to each client. Modalities include: deep tissue, therapeutic, Swedish, cupping, trigger point, Lymphatic drainage or prenatal massage. I use a combination of modalities to achieve the desired results for each client.


The Japanese word Reiki is pronounced Ray-Key...Rei means Universal Life and Ki means energy. Enjoy a peace filled Reiki Session of Universal Life Force Energy. By using this technique, practitioners allow Reiki to flow freely to the recipient to assist in self-healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Reiki helps to reduce stress and tension and promotes feelings of peace and relaxation. It also works together with all other techniques including medical care. It can help to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

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